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Paros House

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Marpissa village


At a distance of 17 km from Parikia Marpissa is a picturesque village built amphitheatrically on a low hill. The name of Marpissa is due to the daughter of the ancient river god Evinos. In older times the village had the name "Tsimbidos".
On top of the village springs the cathedral of Marpissa, Metamorphosis with a Byzantine rhythm roof and cupola and the sculptural museum of Nikos Perandinos. Perandinos came from Marpissa and 129 sculptures were donated to his birthplace after his death in memory of the famous sculptor. An art and painting exhibition is organized every summer. Don't forget to also visit the folklore museum at the centre of the village at St. Nicolas square. To the east rises Kefalos hill at a height of 200m.
On top of the hill dominate the monastery and the picturesque church of St. Antonios built in the 16th century. Lower are the ruins of one of the four Venetian castles on the island and traces of many old small churches. It is only a 20 minute walk up the hill and the view from the top is truly breathtaking.
At the north west of the village lies the beautiful monastery of St. George at a height of 300m with superb Cycladic architecture.
Both monasteries are fully recommended as they offer great religious and historical interest. As monuments they are the most attractive walking activities Paros offers. Let yourselves enjoy the magic and luminous nature and you will be wonderfully astonished.

Walking round Marpissa visitors have the opportunity to see the traditionally built houses,the windmills,the beautiful Cycladic narrow white lime slated paved roads and the numerous churches built in the 16th and 17th century.

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